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About Elisa at Salon Tosca
Elisa as a child, always fascinated about hair style and fashion.
She loves nature, animals,  belives in inner beauty, books, spirituality,music,history 
sharing,and harmony.
She's been a hair stylist since 1984,in Honolulu Hawaii. She started a career in modeling agency, working on hair and make up.
1988,relocated to LA Califonia seeking for higher education for hair style and beauty.   
Established beauty career in Santa Monca CA, over 20 years.
She has education background of Pivit Point, Vidal Sasoon, Paul Michel, Abba.
Over the long experience in hair dressing field, she perfected her own special hair cutting technic.
She believes in individuals beauty identidy, not just same star's trend,(some times hair style dosen't match with their face structure or texture of the hair.)
She carefully anylizes  individuals face sturucture and hair texture to choose the final style matches, individuals, best need, and beauty.
When She does hair, She values customers opinions as well. 
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3014 Wilshire blvd
Santa Monica CA. 90403